['Horizontal Drill' Balancing Technique]

The Legendary CAMEN Motor and Armature reconditioning and Repair services are among the very finest offered to the sport of Slot Car Racing.

*Armature reconditioning is $5 per armature and in addition to the most accurate balancing available in the industry, we offer (at no additional charge) our exclusive "Horizontal Drill" drilling technique that minimizes potential high speed crown destruction that is so prevelant with the latest blank designs.

*Grind laminations and Recondition is $10.00 per armature

*Engrave Armature is $2

*Magnetize or re-Magnetize is $2.50 for either Ceramic or Cobalt Set-Ups or magnets.

*Grind EuroSport Armature Shaft to 1.5mm - $10.00 each

*Contact Joel for Motor Repairs or Rebuilds

e-mail: joel_camen@yahoo.com with your questions or send your Reconditioning and/or other Motor Service Work to:

Camen Racing
2874 Red House Rd
Appomattox, VA 24522 - U.S.A.
For the finishing touch only Camen can provide