[painted & winged SuPro]

CAMEN is proud to offer our "Wing Car" Body and Air Control Line

All bodies are $7 (clear) and are available only in .005 thickness

5200.005 - the SuPRO: This mold is the original Supra designed and built by Emerson and marketed by another company until March of 2010. Out of deference to the original marketer, we have renamed the body the "SuPRO" but it comes from Emerson's one and only original mold of the Supra. Good choice for Gp-27 lite, C-12, Gp-12, I-15 and Spec-15. This body has marginally less down force (and drag) than the SuPRO (or Supra) with rib

5205.005 - SuPRO with Rib: This is THE body for Gp-27 Pro, low drag and just enough down force for Gp-27 Pro. It can also be used for C-12, Gp-12 and I-15

5210.005 - SuPRO Dimple: Excellent for Gp-27 lite, making a winning combination with all full width CAMEN G-27 lite chassis

5215.005 - SuPRO Dimple with Rib: Tends to be even better than regular SuPRO with rib for Gp-27 Pro. Also a great choice for Gp-27 Lite. Works great with traditional width CAMEN G-27 lite chassis

5280.005 - Sutra: NEW for 2017 a SuPro influenced body with 5 ribs for extra deck stiffness

5300.005 - VeloxA: NEW for 2018 - 1/8" Narrower than other bodies - the ultimate body for the both the "Narrow" 27Lite Chassis and the "Speedster" C-12 Chassis